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Stories about Lisa

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I met Liz at The Columns Hotel in Nola while I was working the front desk. She had recently been released from the hospital and was trying to adjust to having had surgery. She was beautiful and fragile! We talked often during her stay that week. I kept in touch with her and she returned to visit me at The Columns about a year after her first stay. She was the definition of sweetness and sass! The world lost a shimmering light when she died! I'm still shocked that she is gone! My sincere sympathies to all that loved her! She most definitely touched everyone with her glow! I will miss her!!!

Molly Callaham,

Alpine, Texas

I'm gonna miss you Lisa. I'll never forget the summer we spent together filming Strange Nature and how close we got over such a short amount of time. You were an amazing actress and I feel blessed to work with you and get to know you because your such a beautiful human being. I'll miss you mom :(

Jonah Beres,

Los Angeles, California

Need stories...

"I've been a fan of Lisa since I first saw her in the original broadcast of the TV series Legacy. I was immediately charmed by her lovely and disarming portrayal of a conflicted Southern belle in the 1880s. I continued to follow her career through the years, from her co-starring roles in the cult sci-fi TV shows Freakylinks and Invasion to her numerous guest starring performances in a myriad of TV shows. I've also watched all her Hallmark- and Lifetime-branded movies, as well as her feature films (McCartney's Genes, Only God Can, Strange Nature). Lisa's acting always believable and heartfelt. I had the privilege of communicating with Lisa at times via email and meeting her in person once, and she was such a wonderful human being in all aspects. She is deeply missed."


Jen Dan


She was like a second mother to me

Hello, my name is Anna and my father and Lisa grew up together in Macon. They went to high school together, obsessed over Star Wars, and even went to prom together their senior year (I think it was senior). I am 15, turning 16 soon, but Lisa and my father reconnected later in life, when I was around 11 or 12. They dated and I remember so many beautiful moments with Lisa. One was when I was probably 12 and we sat in the Butler's Pantry on Thanksgiving and she explained what each fork, spoon, knife, and cup were used for to me. She wore this hat while we were with her on Thanksgiving as well. It was dark brown, wide-brimmed, and had feathers hanging from leather strips. I remember how beautiful she said I looked. She made her coffee the only way I'll drink it now, with Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream. Even though I utterly hate coffee, it reminds me of Lisa and makes me smile and is one of my go to snacks after a rough day. After she had her brain surgery, she stayed with me, my sisters, and my father. She had one final lock of long hair on her head and she asked me to cut it off. I remember standing in my dad's bathroom on a stool giggling with Lisa about how short or long to cut it. She was so nervous to cut her hair and after we did it, we went and took a picture of it on the stairs of my back porch. This picture is on her Instagram. She told me how when she was growing up her mother would threaten to cut off her own hair and it scared her and her siblings and that's why she was so nervous about cutting her hair, which still makes me laugh to this day. I have always loved acting and all the arts and Lisa helped me become the actor, artist, musician, and person I am today. I remember how she would always text me fun emojis in her messages, how peaceful her presence felt, and how she made me feel. Loved. All I have of Lisa today are 3 pieces of that were hers. She was and still is such a beautiful soul. I miss her constantly and wish I could've attended her funeral and been able to tell her how important she is to me one last time. I am currently a sophomore in high school and taking a studio art class and I felt it was only appropriate to make a drawing dedicated to her. I am still in the process of working on it but I will share it once its finished. I have a picture of Lisa with my family but I cannot find a way to attach it. Lisa was such an inspiration in my life and still is. When I get frightened on stage I can hear her telling me I'm going to do amazing. I miss her so much.

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