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miss that apt. and those boots

All things Media...

Lisa was a fantastic artist, photographer, and painter just to name a few....

The pic on the left is a photo or a painting she left behind on her Instagram account. Do you recognize the photo? If you do tell us what you know about it. where it is etc. I will post the story with the photo for all to see. :)

If she left a comment with the photo I will post that as well. This months photo is on the left and her caption is under it. Tell us more!

*people will not be posted here*

Lisa Sheridan American Actress 

This is a place you must visit to know anything and everything about Lisa....Its a Yahoo group that has been going since 2004! Thanks to Jen Dan she has curated almost every article, pic and vid it seems on the internet. A must see! 

Joining the group is free! 

Lisa loved the Allman brothers her own words "Listen to (10 Definitive) Gregg Allman Songs - one of my heros- grew up hanging on his brothers grave" (I have 4 here)

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Dreams The Allman Brothers
00:00 / 09:49
Whipping PostThe allman Brothers
00:00 / 11:23
Ain t Wasting no timeAllman Brothers
00:00 / 03:41
midnight riderThe Allman Brothers
00:00 / 02:53
Little Martha - "beyond space and time. forever." - Lisa Sheridan, 5 Sep 2016
Curious Coyote


If you want to get to know someone, look at their social media....Lisa was an incredible photographer that saw beauty in the link to explore her Instagram account :)

The Youtube icon links to a "Freakylinks" channel. she played Chloe Tanner in this series.

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Film and TV


Of course she was an amazing and versatile actress!...(OK I might be biased here)...but here you will find clips, videos, and I might even upload a full movie here from time to time....check back often. Any requests? Ask and I may have it....

These videos will change over time...check back to see new ones. 

Interview for "Healing Hands"...Lisa is 2:27 to 3:52
Promo for "Only God Can"...Talking about her character Sarah
Lisa Sheridan's Last Interview. STRANGE NATURE Film Fest Premiere at Twin Cities Film Fest.

This is the last interview done with actress Lisa Sheridan before her untimely passing. Here she discusses her role of Kim Sweet in eco-thriller, STRANGE NATURE, which would become her last role. More info at

Tiny little words is a beautiful 15 minute short Lisa made. One of my favorites.  

Freakylinks "Fearsum"
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