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Lisa Sheridan Macon

Lisa Sheridan





"We must love. More and more we must fill our thoughts with compassion. We must remember our good fortune and have compassion for those not so lucky. And love them. Love them".


 Lisa Sheridan 22 Jun 2018


Welcome to the Tribute site of Elizabeth (Lisa) Sheridan. 

That quote aptly captures the essence of  the person to whom this site is dedicated to...

This site was created to honor and preserve the memory of an amazing and very talented woman who left us way too early. The purpose of this site is to share stories from those who knew her, Educate those who didn't.  Provide insights into what she was like as a person and share what you knew about her.


This site is meant to provide a repository of memories for not only her fans but also her family. It is meant to tell the story of someone very special who was on this earth for 44 years and left behind an indelible mark. This is not meant to focus on her problem areas (we all have those)....but instead to remember and celebrate her talent, kindness, abilities and the tender spirit that she was...

We need you to share stories and memories of her. Please press the "Tell us your story" button on this page and others and begin sharing! For those who want to learn more about her and the work she did on TV and theater, read through this site and follow the links to various shows she did. 

Lisa's Instagram and Twitter accounts are featured here on the "Media" page. I will be posting her pics she posted as they appeared by date on her account. If you recognize the pic and can add a story please tell us!

If you are a family member, Please contact me through the Contact us page. I really need to hear from you and your direction in what you would like to see here. This website was really built with you in mind. Please contribute!

This website is constantly changing and evolving....but it needs you! Please contribute and check back often!

If you have photos or anything else you would like to share for others to see, Please use the Contact Us page and I will review and post them on the appropriate page. 

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please keep comments respectful and have fun. 

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